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Jessie Lin Brown, CEO of JLB International Image Consulting and JLB Style is an authorized Affiliate and the exclusive Designated Train the Trainer Reseller for Civility Experts Worldwide in Taiwan.

Recent studies suggest that incivility in the workplace can significantly impact morale, customer service, productivity, and the bottom line. Increasingly, consumers as well as employees are demanding courtesy and respect. Whether it’s teaching executives to write a proper thank you card, encouraging front-line employees to practice proper telephone etiquette or coaching a new manager on appropriate business dress, companies who care about internal and external client service are increasing the bottom line by investing in civility training.

In response to high demand from a range of industries, Civility Experts Worldwide is pleased to offer CIVILITY AT WORK series of Trainer Kits. These comprehensive training kits provide cost-effective, practical tools that meet the needs of modern business.
Positive outcomes of civility training:

  • Achieving professional goals
  • Increasing confidence
  • Creating positive first impressions
  • Practicing positive, professional communication skills; in print, on the phone, electronically, nonverbally, and face-to-face
  • Improving presentation skills
  • Increasing social IQ for mixing and dining situations
  • Building productive workplace relationships
  • Ensuring client service satisfaction
  • Increasing revenue
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