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IITTI (Institute of Image Training and Testing International)

IITTI (Institute of Image Training and Testing International) provides a global standardized certification testing system on professional image and etiquette for employers, employees and job-seekers to measure soft skills that are critical to business success.

What Benefits Will IITTI Bring for the Job-seekers and Employees

Most college graduates come out into the working world armed with a wealth of knowledge in their field of study. But many lack the kind of training and awareness about people skills that would get them hired, and, perhaps more importantly, help them keep their jobs and get promotions. IITTI is industry-driven, and was founded by an international group of veteran image and etiquette consultants. One can think of IITTI as the ISO or TOEFL standard for interpersonal skills.

Whether in business or social situations, people take an average of three seconds to evaluate you based on your appearance, your body language, your behavior, and how you are dressed. Good first impressions can earn you job offers, career advancement opportunities, outstanding work performance and partnerships. Proper etiquette is vital to leaving a positive first impression on others. Your employees’ ABCs (appearance, behavior, and communication skills) have a definite impact on your company's brand.The IITTI certificate will help you to raise your competitive force in the corporate world.

What Benefits Will IITTI Bring for the Employers and HR Departments

Your company's brand is not only felt by your customers through your products, but the quality of interactions with your employees. So how much would you be willing to invest to improve the soft skills of your people? However, the current lack of a standardized measuring tool for soft skills makes raising such skills difficult. But think, for example, of what ISO has done in raising the standards for the many industrial processes in the last couple of decades. Now think of IITTI as exactly like ISO, but for soft skills, particularly with a focus on corporate appearance, behaviour and communication. By demanding new hires to have certification from IITTI, your company can pre-screen job candidates who already have the awareness and a certain level of competency in these skills. Not only will you save money from duplicating such training, but you will also enhance your company branding in the eyes of customers, as well as employer branding in the eyes of job-seekers.

IITTI Guidance Manual
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